3-Night Beginner’s Workshop

Date: Mondays September 11th, 18th and 25th
Time: 6:00 - 9:00 PM

Our beginner series will take you through the basics and so much more! It’s important to not only know the proper techniques, but feel confident to expand upon a recipe and use your instincts to create a dish of your own. We will supply the building blocks to get you there!

Pricing is $225 total for all 3 sessions. If you’re using a gift card, the paid gift card amount will be deducted from you total. Call (704-817-7568) or e-mail us (info@chefalyssaskitchen.com) when ready to check out.


Workshop 1: Monday Septmber 11th

Knife skills, basic seasoning methods and breaking down chicken. Learning these techniques that will create efficiency in the kitchen. We will also make a basic chicken stock using the chicken bones, and put the meat to use later in the coming classes. We will also cover information on cooking vessels, utensils and useful cooking tools. Our basics on seasoning will explore many different spices and fresh herbs, their use as well as flavor combination

Workshop 2: Monday September 18th

We will create several meals using methods of searing, sautéing and braising. This will include seared fish, braised chicken, blanching vegetables, sautéing vegetables and proper temperature for steak cooking. Many dishes use a combination of these and it is important to know how they help to build flavor and when it is appropriate to use each one. This will get you comfortable at knowing how high or low of heat to cook on.

Workshop 3: Monday September 25th

In this class we will be preparing several items to round out the learning process. From sauces that will teach how to build flavor, to pickles and a couple of sweet items as an intro to baking and sugar. This will help to teach how to judge the timing of adding ingredients and flavor profiles. Infusing, simmering and even proper whisking, are all very important to learn. We will also make dinner rolls to talk about the process of making bread.